Pin Shoot Results
18 September 2012

Possible Score is 30 Overall

13 Shooters - 24 Guns


Congratulations to Ed Upton, Eric Aboshar, Pappy Richards, & Scott Bibeau for shooting "Clean"


.22 Pistol Division
SHOOTER GUN Tbl 1 Tbl 2 Tbl 3 Tbl 4 Tbl 5 Tbl 6 TOTAL Shootoff
Ed Upton Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 555555301
Eric Aboshar S&W 22A, Red Dot 555555302
Pappy Richards Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 555555303
James Eaton Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 54555529
George Aboshar S&W 22A, Red Dot 54545528
Gordon Broz Ruger Hunter III, Red Dot 54455528
John Coyne Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 55355528
Timothy DeSesa Ruger 22/45, Red Dot 55444426
Scott Bibeau S&W 22A, Red Dot 31255521
Rich Deneka Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 23452420
Randy Belmont High Standard Victor, Red Dot 34044520
Al Bergeron Ruger Mk II, Red Dot 34332520
Ken Resendes Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 01232210


.22 Rifle Division
SHOOTER GUN Tbl 1 Tbl 2 Tbl 3 Tbl 4 Tbl 5 Tbl 6 TOTAL Shootoff
Scott Bibeau Ruger 10/22, Scope 555555301
Eric Aboshar Ruger 10/22, Scope 555555302
Ed Upton Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 55555429
Timothy DeSesa Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 55545529
George Aboshar Ruger 10/22, Scope 55535528
Randy Belmont Ruger 10/22, Scope 55555328
James Eaton Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 55535427
Pappy Richards S&W M&P15-22, Red Dot 51545525
Rich Deneka Ruger 10/22, Scope 51455525
John Coyne S&W M&P15-22, Scope 33553524
Al Bergeron Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 23352520




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