Pin Shoot Results
18 December 2012

Possible Score is 30 Overall

13 Shooters - 23 Guns


Congratulations to Ed Upton, Jay Robicheau, George Aboshar, & Pappy Richards for shooting "Clean"


.22 Pistol Division
SHOOTER GUN Tbl 1 Tbl 2 Tbl 3 Tbl 4 Tbl 5 Tbl 6 TOTAL Shootoff
Ed Upton Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 555555301
James Eaton Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 455555292
George Aboshar S&W 22A, Red Dot 545555293
Pappy Richards Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 35555528
Rich Deneka Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 34555527
Kevin Mahoney Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 35455527
Jay Robicheau Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 25555426
John Coyne Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 24355423
Timothy DeSesa Ruger 22/45, Red Dot 34354423
Scott Suchovsky Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 45441422
Elizabeth Holubiak Ruger SR-22, Iron Sights 45222318
Paul Fougere SIG 1911-22, Iron Sights 32211211
Ray Quinn Ruger Mk II, Iron Sights 3120107


.22 Rifle Division
SHOOTER GUN Tbl 1 Tbl 2 Tbl 3 Tbl 4 Tbl 5 Tbl 6 TOTAL Shootoff
Jay Robicheau Ruger 10/22, Scope 555555301
Pappy Richards S&W M&P15-22, Scope 555555302
Ed Upton Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 555555303
George Aboshar Ruger 10/22, Scope 555555304
Paul Fougere SIG 522, Scope 55554529
Timothy DeSesa Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 55454528
James Eaton Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 24555526
Scott Suchovsky Ruger 10/22, Scope 23554524
Rich Deneka Ruger 10/22, Scope 52454222
Elizabeth Holubiak Ruger 10/22, Iron Sights 52224217




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