Pin Shoot Results
19 November 2013

Possible Score is 30 Overall

13 Shooters - 22 Guns


Congratulations to Logan, Eric, & George Aboshar for shooting "Clean" and keeping it "All in the Family".


.22 Pistol Division
SHOOTER GUN Tbl 1 Tbl 2 Tbl 3 Tbl 4 Tbl 5 Tbl 6 TOTAL Shootoff
Logan Aboshar S&W 22A, Red Dot 555555301
Eric Aboshar S&W 22A, Red Dot 554555292
John Coyne Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 555554293
Ed Upton Ruger Mk III, Red Dot 55544528
Pappy Richards Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 41455524
George Aboshar S&W 22A, Red Dot 52533422
Miles Gilbert Ruger Mk III, Iron Sights 33332317
David Pancoast Browning Buckmark, Iron Sights 34122214
Carol Comeau Ruger SR-22, Iron Sights 23224114
Rich Deneka Browning Buckmark, Red Dot 11323313
Paul Comeau Ruger Mk I, Iron Sights 0241209


.22 Rifle Division
SHOOTER GUN Tbl 1 Tbl 2 Tbl 3 Tbl 4 Tbl 5 Tbl 6 TOTAL Shootoff
Eric Aboshar Ruger 10/22, Scope 555555301
George Aboshar S&W M&P15-22, Scope 555555302
Logan Aboshar Ruger 10/22, Scope 555555303
Pappy Richards S&W M&P15-22, Red Dot 55545529
John Coyne Ruger 10/22, Red Dot 35545527
Rich Deneka Ruger 10/22, Scope 55525325
Paul Comeau Ruger 10/22, Scope 35354525
Anna Ouellette Chiappa M1-22, Scope 43454424
Dave Pancoast Ruger 10/22, Scope 54335222
Carol Comeau S&W M&P15-22, Scope 25203214
Steve Ouellette Chiappa M1-22, Scope 00502512




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