Indoor Airgun Challenge

(CPFGC Members Only)

Tuesdays, Indoor Pistol Range, 18:00 to 21:00


  • Sign up in the Downstairs Hall, starting at 17:30.
  • Participants will shoot in relays, with three shooters in each relay.
  • Each relay will consist of three tables for each shooter.
  • Each table is at 10 yards holding 10 reactive targets of varying sizes and shapes (metallic silhouettes, empty shotgun shells etc.).
  • Participants are allowed up to 5 minutes per table.
  • Participants may use a paper target to sight in during their five minutes.
  • Targets need not go off the table to count as "hit".
  • Participants shall keep their own score and turn in score cards at the end of each relay... or not.
  • Participants may shoot more than one relay if desired.


  • CPFGC Members only
  • Any airgun, any caliber, equipped with any sights
  • Match may be shot from any safe shooting stance or position.
  • Lead pellets only
  • Before going downrange, airguns must be made safe.



  • No charge... nada... on the house... free.

For more information, contact Tim Swisher at 603-534-7433 or