Country Pond Fish & Game Club is a non-profit organization with limited Membership.
There are Memberships available at this time.

Contrary to some unfounded rumors, there is currently no waiting list and no limit on the number of applications processed each month. Applicants must secure a Club Sponsor before applying for membership and applications are only accepted at the regular New Member Orientation sessions. Membership tours are also only given at the Orientation sessions.

(You must have a club sponsor before attending an orientation session.)
4th Saturday - 10:00 & 14:00
2nd Sunday - 10:00
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To be eligible for Membership at CPF&G Club, you must:
(Dues are set annually at the September Monthly Meeting. Any changes go into effect immediately.)

Anyone joining the Club in October, November, or December will receive membership for the balance of the current year plus the entire following year.


To join Country Pond Fish & Game Club:

  1. Persuade a current Club member to sponsor you.
    (If you don't know any Club Members, you may want to check out some of our events that are open to the public. Come down and make some new friends. If you don't have whatever equipment is required to participate in an event, someone may actually offer to loan you some. It has happened - we're a friendly bunch.)
  2. Fill out our Printable Membership Application
  3. Bring it to an ORIENTATION SESSION at the Club, 82 Pond St, Newton, NH, along with a check for the appropriate amount. Your Club Sponsor must accompany you throughout the Orientation Session. These sessions are held regularly, as noted above, and are posted on this website. You must arrive on time, in order to allow time to process your paperwork before the Orientation session starts. Late arrivals will not be admitted.
  4. Successfully complete the Orientation session, which takes about two hours. There will be a written test on the material presented during the session.
  5. Your Sponsor must nominate you for Club membership at a subsequent regular monthly meeting, to be approved for membership by a vote of the current Club Members present. These meetings are held each month. (Successfully completing the orientation session and full payment are required before your membership can be voted on.)


All new Members of Country Pond Fish & Game Club, who wish to use any firearm on Club property, shall demonstrate their ability to safely handle a firearm and their knowledge of the Range Rules to a CPF&G Range Officer, prior to the use thereof.

The procedure may be found here.

This procedure is designed to ensure that everyone who uses the Club's ranges does so in a safe manner, and is not intended to be a "pass/fail" event. Coaching will be provided as needed. Further instruction and/or training will be available for anyone who is unable to successfully complete this demonstration. Successful completion of this process is required to receive your Club Range Access Card.

Range Officers will usually be available to oversee these demonstrations Orientation Sundays. Members may also contact Range Officers to complete the demonstration by appointment. A list of Club Authorized Range Officers can be found on the Club Contacts page of the website.


ALL CLUB MEMBERSHIPS (except Life & Honorary Members)

Members are solely responsible for renewing their Membership. The Club does not send out renewal notices, but Renewal Forms are included in the Club Newsletter from October thru December, and are available on the Club website and at the Clubhouse during the same period.

Members may renew their Club Membership anytime between when the dues rates are set on the third Thursday in September and 31 December. Members are urged to renew early, so as to not overload the Membership Committee or the Post Office at Christmas time. If you do choose to renew at the last minute, there is no guarantee that your Range Access Card will be activated immediately.

Anyone who does not renew by 31 December forfeits their Club Membership.
(This does not apply to Active Duty Military members unable to renew due to deployment.
Those Members must renew within 30 days of their return.)

While Honorary and Life Memberships renew automatically, those Members must still submit a renewal form annually, to ensure that the Club has up to date contact information.

? ? ?   QUESTIONS   ? ? ?
Please direct all membership questions to Tim Steele at timothy.f.steele@gmail.com or 603-966-7468