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In most cases, "I'm interested...", "I'd like to buy that", "I'll have the money next week", and other similar statements carry no weight whatsoever. Whoever shows up with the cash first gets the deal. Anything else is irrelevant. Unless otherwise specified, any required firearm transfer fees are the reponsibility of the buyer.
20 AUG 2021
38 Spcl, Federal 158gr FMJ, 400 for $240
38 Spcl, Federal 158gr FMJ, 400 for $240
5.56x45mm, Federal 55gr FMJ, 600 for $360
5.56x45mm, Federal 55gr FMJ, 600 for $360
.223 Rem, UMC 58gr FMJ, 200 for $150
.223 Rem, UMC 58gr FMJ, 200 for $150
.308 Win, Federal 149gr FMJ, 500 for $350
.308 Win, Federal 149gr FMJ, 500 for $350
.308 Win, Federal 168gr Sierra Match King BTHP, 200 for $300
Frank: fkolbe@comcast.net
17 AUG 2020
4X32 Riflescope, Center Point #CP432DV-999, rings, lightly used: $25 cash PHOTO PHOTO
4-16x40 Riflescope, Center Point #CPA416AORG2, Red/Green adjustable dual illuminated reticle, Center Point high ring mount: $40 cash PHOTO PHOTO
George: 603-401-4414 or mmagpa@comcast.net
14 AUG 2020
Pistol Box, Gun Ho four gun pistol box, very good condition: $150 PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
Rich: richs@reseng.net
8 AUG 2020
Burris AR-332 sight, (#300208), 3X magnification, 32mm objective, Picatinny rail mount, three reticle colors: black, illuminated red or illuminated green, (black works even without battery), lightly used: $200 cash PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
George: 603-401-4414 or mmagpa@comcast.net
5 AUG 2021
AR Receiver, Ruger AR-556-RO lower receiver, new in the box, must be transferred via FFL at buyer's expense, bought two and only used one: $100 PHOTO PHOTO
Steve: stevenjiam@yahoo.com
29 JUL 2021
Ridgid Table Saw, additional new carbide blade, cost over $650 new: $350 PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
Jim: call or text 978-270-1892
26 JUL 2020
Stribog PDW (Personal Defense Weapon), Grand Power SP9A1, 9x19mm, SBA3 brace, upgraded spring kit, VG6 Epsilon Muzzle Device, four mags, original case: $650 ($950 with EOTech 512) PHOTO
AR-15 Pistol, Palmetto State Armory 300BLK pistol, 8.5" barrel, Shockwave brace, Truglo Red Dot: $400 PHOTO
Samy: samyonix@yahoo.com or call/text 860-834-1883
15 JUL 2020
Holster Platform, Blackhawk Tactical Holster Platform, black: $30 cash PHOTO
George: 603-401-4414 or mmagpa@comcast.net
11 JUL 2021
Dillon 650-XL loading system, case feeder, powder check measure, miscellaneous parts, and two sets of 44 Magnum dies, one Dillon & one RCBS, over $1,600 new. Make a reasonable offer and it's yours! PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
Jim: call or text 978-270-1892
9 JUl 2021
Stereo Amp & Pre-Amp, Hafler pre-amplifier and 100w Carver amplifier: $175 ea, both for $300 PHOTO PHOTO
Rich: richs@reseng.net
9 JUl 2021   PRICE REDUCED!  
Pistol Grip, Hogue Rubber Monogrip for S&W K and L frame revolver, new, never used:  $20   $15  PHOTO PHOTO
Rich: richs@reseng.net
16 JUN 2021
AR-15, CMP/NRA Highpower Match AR-15, hvy match grade bbl, UBR butt stock, 4.5 lb 2-stage match trigger, leather sling, HyLux scope, case, mags, ≈300 rounds fired: asking $1,550, Call for more details PHOTO
Duane: duaneb1953@yahoo.com or 978-317-2811
6 JUN 2021
12ga Hulls, 450 once fired Remington 12ga STS hulls & boxes: $50
Bullets (not ammo), 1,000 copper clad lead bullets, 40 cal 180gr flat point: $150
Bob: rlh39@outlook.com or 603-819-8839
31 MAY 2021
English flints for flintlocks, small, medium, & large, large qty of each, select your own, meet at the club: four for $10
Thompson Center Natural Lube, 5oz tubes: $5 / tube
Remington sabots, 50 cal with either 275gr or 303gr 44 JHP Core Lokt bullet, bullets can be used in 44 ammo if not in muzzleloader, new unopened 20-rd boxes: $10 / box
Remington Golden Lead Round Balls, 50 cal, ⌀.490, 175gr, new unopened 25-pc pkgs: $5 / pkg
Ed: esmjmoses@comcast.net or 603-303-0790, text or email for pics
13 APR 2021   PRICE REDUCED!  
Bullet Trap, BCS-12 TSS portable bullet trap, 12"x12"x24", shooting face: ⌀12", 125 lbs:  $950   $900  PHOTO
Adam: 603-571-7588
27 FEB 2021
Mec shotshell loader, Mec 20 gauge shotshell loader, manual indexing: $100 PHOTO
Dan: danlgoodwin@comcast.net
25 DEC 2020
Remington Model Seven rifle, ultra lightweight .260 Remington, bolt action, 20" bbl, Leupold VX-II Ultralight 3x-9x scope, Warne scope mounts, Millet rings, upgraded trigger, unfired: $1,000 PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO PHOTO
Piney: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
11 DEC 2020
Remington 1100 shotgun, 2-3/4" 12ga, 30" full choke barrel, vent rib: $550 PHOTO
Piney: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
11 DEC 2020
Wolff Springs, recoil springs for Springfield 5" XD-45: 16, 18.5, & 20 lbs: $10 PHOTO
Piney: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
11 DEC 2020
9x19mm conversion barrel, EFK Fire Dragon 5" barrel to fit Springfield XD-40 (will not fit XDm), new, unfired: $100 PHOTO
Piney: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
25 AUG 2020
Springfield V10 pistol, .45ACP, 3" bbl, one SST mag: $700 PHOTO PHOTO
Piney: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
13 AUG 2020
Ithaca shotgun, Model 51, 12ga semi-auto, 28" modified choke bbl, new springs, muted finish to reduce shine in the duck blind: $300 PHOTO
Piney: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
18 FEB 2021
Tax Preparation Services: George Ead is an Enrolled Agent in Methuen and provides income tax preparation and taxpayer representation services.
15% discount for CPF&G Club members.
Call 978-685-5520 or e-mail george.ead@outlook.com
7 APR 2020
Gunbroker.com Selling Service: 30-year club member Andrew Deardorff acquired a Federal Firearms License in order to help sell off his own personal collection for current market prices on Gunbroker.com, and can help other club members do the same. Given his numerous years of experience buying and selling on Gunbroker (500+ rated transactions with 100% positive reviews), he can help you get a reasonable market price for your firearm. This service includes researching the market price for your firearm, coordinating the initial and follow-on offering prices with you, photographing the firearm from tip to tail, posting it on Gunbroker, and packing and shipping via USPS Priority insured mail to the purchaser's FFL. For this Andy charges a 10% commission on final selling price for Club members (20% otherwise) and an additional smaller amount (around 5%) to cover actual Gunbroker fees. If you are interested in such assistance, please contact Andy at a-deardorff@comcast.net or leave a message at 603-382-3434.
26 JAN 2018
Custom Handloading Classes, tailored to your specific requirements; pistol, rifle, shotshell, or any combination thereof. These are NOT one-size-fits-all, but are custom designed "hands on" classes, addressing your particular needs, based on a series of interview questions. Each class is limited to a maximum of three students. Classroom facilities include several handloading presses, both single stage and high-volume progressive. Sliding scale rates based on individual course requirements. 40+ years handloading experience.
John Carr: jcarr@jcarrassociates.com
27 JUL 2016
Certified Glock Armourer, sights installed, tune ups, troubleshooting, factory parts, reasonable rates
Kurt: kringleben@gmail.com
11 FEB 2015
Tax Preparation Services, accounting and bookkeeping services, payroll services, IRS representation including 'Offers In Compromise'.
Adam Pappalardo, CPA: 603-571-7588
17 JAN 2014
SK Services Carpentry, Frame to finish, complete home remodeling, drywall, painting, additions, decks, bathrooms, kitchens, roof repair and installation, all flooring types, certified vinyl siding installer, Harvey window and door installer. Fully insured, 30 years experience.
Call Karl Skinner for quotes at 603-382-9015 or 603-339-0409
15 JUN 2013
Computer Aided Design & Drafting, 20+ years experience, currently using SolidWorks, no job too large or too small, mechanical parts and assemblies, woodworking or architectural drawings.
John Carr at jcarr@jcarrassociates.com or 603-659-2096
15 JUN 2013
Website Design - Want to see samples? Check out the CPF&G site and ssfga.com.
John Carr at jcarr@jcarrassociates.com or 603-659-2096
20 JUN 2021
Ruger Blackhawk, 45 Colt / 45 ACP Convertible
Bob: bobrhyde2@gmail.com
14 FEB 2021
Guns or T/C barrels chambered for .35 Whelen
Dan: danlgoodwin@comcast.net
17 MAY 2020
Ruger 10-22 Trigger Assembly
Did you upgrade your trigger to a BX? Still have the original collecting dust?
I'm looking for one for a project.
Tim Swisher: 603-534-7433 or tswisher21@yahoo.com
23 AUG 2021
O-Rings for Remington 1100 12ga gas system (They might fit other Rems.)
Rich: richs@reseng.net
Contact Rob Lucas
lost@cpfgc.com ~ 603-365-0624